Our Process

We enhance our members’ efficiency and effectiveness with a finely tuned approach to aligning their workflows and processes with NextGen’s tools for automation.

The software is just a vehicle—oftentimes a mini “re-implementation” of the system is the most effective way to reset roles, responsibilities and expectations for what’s necessary to meet clinical, financial and organizational goals.

We advocate a multi-step process that begins with governance to establish enforceable policies for system adoption. Next we review workflows to help redesign processes in preparation for automation. Ultimately we implement project-based optimizations and training programs based on roles and responsibilities—not system features and functions—to achieve utilization goals efficiently and effectively.

OSIS Optimization Strategy


  • Create committees and core teams to guide health center-wide adoption policies and proceedures.

System Governance and Adoption Policies

  • Identify waste and redundancy. Standardize and create new, more efficient processes.

Review and Improve Processes and Workflow

  • The Optimization plan will include both EPM and EHR projects and activities based on pending 5.8/8.3 upgrade, PCHM and MU requirements.

Create Optimization Plan Specifically Identifying Projects


System Design

  • "Make NextGen work for your center—not against it." Utilizing new 5.8/8.3 functionality, configure NextGen to support new processes and workflow both in EPM and EHR.

Initiate Optimized Projects and Initiatives

  • End user training based on roles and responsibilities—"How do I do my job?," not "how do I use the application?" Introduce OSIS tools and elevate the overall adoption and utilization of NextGen solution.

Achieving Adoption Goals

  • Ongoing maintenance and CIO level oversight to manage IT initiatives and education looking forward.


We assist our members in forming a committee to steer the decisions required to achieve a highly functional system, remove barriers to adoption and empower providers and staff to embrace the technology. Our Project Managers direct the formation of executive, operational and content-specific core teams to define and lead deployment efforts. Utilizing “best practice” guidelines, we guide teams in developing documentation outlining guidelines set forth by leadership.

Workflow Analysis

We recommend current workflow and process reviews of both EPM and EHR systems to establish baselines for process re-design and standardization. Our team spends time reviewing and facilitating sessions to understand current workflow, ad-hoc workarounds, decision points and ownership transfers to ensure that processes are improved and in alignment with the NextGen solution—not working against it.

Training for Optimization

Our extensive training programs include end-user training, additional super-user training and reconfiguration of our members’ existing new hire training programs. We develop custom training manuals, “how-to” quick reference sheets and even custom training videos highlighting not only NextGen functionality, but also organization-specific processes and policies for whenever staff members need a refresher. We recommend scenario-based training and competency tests as requirements before allowing staff to work unsupervised in clinic.