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PCMH Toolkit

This toolkit includes a customized template developed to assist practices in meeting PCMH standards. Package also includes macros for pertinent information to be added to your Master IM and/or Patient Plan. Template is standalone and can be added to navigation or sub-navigation for any specialty. One stop location to assist in managing patients with chronic conditions, while engaging them with self-management goals.

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Behavioral Health Toolkit

With key components including an update Comprehensive Assessment Template with client defined template panels order, Behavioral Health Monthly Services Provider Report and your choice of Billing Template or Rollup Billing , you can create the Toolkit that is best for your Health Center!

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Compliance Toolkit

This toolkit includes the OSIS Chart Checker which allows any practice to create a set of documentation validation checks to serve as a guide throughout the visit. The clinician can check at any point during the visit what has been documented as well as what's left to be completed to satisfy corporate policy. This dynamic solution could be setup and tailored for any workflow (i.e. UDS, PCMH, other quality measures) whether it’s using the KBM and/or custom templates. The toolkit also includes a compliance reporting package, with over six reports!

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